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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules EmptySat May 01, 2010 12:37 pm

1. No inappropriate posting. More than two posts that are inappropriate will result in a ban for a week.

2. No godmodding! This means no controlling other players or being perfect.

3. Stay in the right forums! I WILL move your posts.

4. NO joining groups without my permission FIRST!

5. No hacking! Will result in being immediately banned for GOOD!

6. No spamming! You will be banned for a day for multiple spams.

7. No advertising! Advertising anywhere but the advertising thread multiple times will result in banning or demotion.

8. No hard-core romance. Nothing passed simple kissing. Will result in being banned for at least a day.

9. No being to gory. No saying things like, "I sliced your head off and it started gushing blood" although the word blood is allowed. Multiple times of this Will result in being banned for at least a day.

10. No auto-hitting. An example of this is in rule 9. It would be controlling the impact of a hit to another player. Multiple times of this Will result in being banned for at least a day.

11. No posting outside links to unapproved sites. How do we know it's not a site that contains... say vulgar displays?

12. No double posting, except for bumping and the chat thread.

13. No posts relating to religion. All of us believe in something, and we shouldn't express our opinions on here, as they may be offensive to others.
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Forum Rules
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