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 Luminious Cave

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Luminious Cave Empty
PostSubject: Luminious Cave   Luminious Cave EmptySat May 01, 2010 9:35 am

Luminious Cave

Okay, so you want to evolve your Pokemon, huh? Well this sure is the place! To evolve your Pokemon you need:

1st Evolution: 25 EP
2nd Evolution: 130 EP

If you need a certain item, like a Thunderstone, go to a Gym, challenge and win then ask them for the item. They MUST give it to you. Then bring it here with enough points and evolve it into what you want!

How to Earn Evolution Points (EP):

Evolution Points can be gained through battling trainers, Gym Leaders, Elite 4, or the Champion. Each type of battle gives a certain amount of EP.

Trainer Battles- 5 Points each
Gym Leader Battles- 20 Points each
Elite 4 Battles- 35 Points each
Champion Battle- 60 Points each time you challenge

Register Your Point amount in your signature! Each time you evolve, that many points will be taken from you.

~Champion Mason
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Luminious Cave
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