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 Elite 4 Neo - The All Around Trainer

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The Cookie

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PostSubject: Elite 4 Neo - The All Around Trainer   Sat May 01, 2010 6:51 pm

Hiya. Soooo, I guess your here to beat me huh? Ya, I get that alot. Lots of people come, not many actually win, soooo, good luck. I don't use a specific type of Pokemon, so it's hard to find my weakness. Anyway, I wish you all luck!

My Pokemon

  • Empoleon
  • Electivire
  • Garchomp
  • Charizard
  • DarkeLeaf
  • Vultaria

Empoleon Level/Health: Lv.60 HP 330 Empoleon's Moves: Hydro Pump 120d, Metal Claw 50d, Aqua Jet 40d, Drill Peck 80d
Electivire Level/Health: Lv.58 HP 280 Electrive's Moves: Thunder Punch 75d, Ice Punch 75d, Thunder 120d, Giga Impact 150d
Garchomp Level/Health: Lv.53 HP 220 Garchomp's Moves: Giga Impact 150d, Dragon Breath 90d, Cut 50d, Draco Meter 140d
Charizard Leve/Health: Lv.57 HP 260 Charizard's Moves: Fire Blast 120d, Fly 90d, Cut 50d, Flamethrower 95d
DarkeLeaf Level/Health: Lv.55 HP 245 DarkeLeaf's Moves: Razor Leaf 55d, Hyper Beam 100d, Magical Leaf (always hits) 60d, Bite 60d
Vultaria Level/Health: Lv.56 HP 250 Vultaria's Moves: Fly 90d, Peck 35d, U-Turn (Pokemon will switch out after use) 70d, Drill Peck 80d[/b]


Well, thats all my moves. Good luck.
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Elite 4 Neo - The All Around Trainer
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