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 Harthill Gym #1 [Flare Gym]

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Harthill Gym #1 [Flare Gym] Empty
PostSubject: Harthill Gym #1 [Flare Gym]   Harthill Gym #1 [Flare Gym] EmptySun May 02, 2010 6:00 pm

The Flare Gym

Hey, so I'm Jerome, the Fire-Type Gym Leader! Fire-types are strong, magestic and graceful. Are you gonna challenge me, or what?

My Pokemon

Charmeleon Harthill Gym #1 [Flare Gym] 510
Ninetails Harthill Gym #1 [Flare Gym] 3810
Growlithe Harthill Gym #1 [Flare Gym] 5810
Tigentir Harthill Gym #1 [Flare Gym] Tigerg10

Charmeleon Level/Health Lv.15 HP 49 Charmeleon's Moves: Ember 30d, Scratch 20d, Fire Fang 40d, Tackle 20d
Ninetails Level/Health Lv. 17 HP 60 Ninetails' Moves: Flare Blitz 30d, Wil-o-Wisp 0d (you are now burned and will take -5 each turn), False Swipe 20d, Scratch 10d
Growlithe Level/Health Lv. 10 HP 40 Growlithe's Moves: Fire Fang 25d, Bite 20d, Crunch 15d, Scratch 10d
Tigentir Level/Health Lv.11 HP 42 Tigentir's Moves: Bite 20d, Feint 25d, Flame Wheel 30d, Ember 30d

Badge: [coming soon]

Are you up for it?
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Harthill Gym #1 [Flare Gym]
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