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 Clarvoyant City Gym #5 [The Dragon's Nest]

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Mason & Clair
Mason & Clair

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PostSubject: Clarvoyant City Gym #5 [The Dragon's Nest]   Mon May 03, 2010 3:47 pm

I am Clair, the descendant of Clair, the eight Kanto Gym Leader. I follow in her footsteps and harbor Dragon-Type Pokemon. Think you can stand up to the challenge?

My Pokemon


Dragonite Level/Health Lv. 32 HP 91 Dragonite's Moves: Roar of Time 70d, Dragon Claw 40d, Dragon Pulse 45d, Twister 40d
Kingdra Level/Health Lv.30 HP 85 Kingdra's Moves: Draco Meteor 65d, Special Rend 50d, Aqua Jet 40d, Bubblebeam 50d
Flygon Level/Health Lv.29 HP 80 Flygon's Movs: Dragon Claw 40d, Attack Order 65d, Fury Cutter 10d (increases each time), Signal Beam 55d
Altaria Level/Health Lv.28 HP 75 Altaria's Moves: Air Cutter 55d, Aerial Ace 65d, Dragonbreath 60d, Fly 30d
Gabite Level/Health Lv.26 HP 65 Gabite's Moves: Crunch 60d, Spacial Rend 65d, Dragon Claw 40d, Dragon Pulse 45d


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Clarvoyant City Gym #5 [The Dragon's Nest]
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