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 Elite 4 Rod- The Houndoom Trainer

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PostSubject: Elite 4 Rod- The Houndoom Trainer   Sat May 01, 2010 10:42 am

So, you have the guts to challenge me, eh? Post here, and we'll see if you're good enough.

Magic's Pokemon

  • Minocentaur
  • Houndoom
  • Magnezone
  • Charizard
  • Graveler
  • Nidoking

Minocentaur Health/Level- Lvl. 52, HP 290 Minocentaur Attacks: Slash 70d, Blaze Kick 85d, Feint 50d, Swift 60d
Houndoom Health-Level- Lvl. 50, HP 150 Houndoom Attacks: Flamethrower 95d, Faint Attack 60d, Bite 60d, Crunch 80d
Magnezone Health/Level- Lvl. 46, HP 220 Magnezone Attacks: Zap Cannon 120d, Discharge 80d, Spark 65d, Magnet Bomb 60d
Charizard Health/Level- Lvl. 54, HP 300 Charizard Attacks: Flamethrower 95d, Wing Attack 60d, Bite 60d, Fire Fang 65d
Graveler Health/Level- Lvl. 47, HP 240 Graveler Attacks: Earthquake 100d, Rollout 30d (up to 3x hit), Rock Throw 50d, Selfdestruct 200d
Nidoking Health/Level- Lvl. 45, HP 200 Nidoking Attacks: Earth Power 90d, Thrash 90d, Double Kick 30d (2x hit), Peck 35d


Still wanna fight me?
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Elite 4 Rod- The Houndoom Trainer
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