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 The Beginning of Reione

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PostSubject: The Beginning of Reione   The Beginning of Reione EmptyTue May 04, 2010 3:12 pm

Long ago, in what was once Dratini Island, there lived a young Dratini. He was a curious little fellow, though he lived alone on the island. He had nothing left to discover. Each day, his friend, Kyogre would visit him, but as punishment from his father, the small Dratini could never leave the island. One day, Dratini was wiggling down the beach, when he ran into Kyogre.

"Did you hear? Your father Dragonite, has passed on! You are free to leave the island!" Kyogre said excitedly.

Although the young Dratini longed to leave the island, he still mourned over the loss of his father, but soon the thoughts of his father left his mind. He hopped down into the ocean. The Dratini had once been a wonderful swimmer, but after being trapped on the island so long, he could no longer swim. He sank slowly to the bottom, Magikarp watching as he drowned. Then, suddenly he landed with a thump. He still saw ocean below him, yet he was laying on a solid, floating surface. Suddenly, the surface began to shake and it slowly rose from the ground and lifted the small island that Dratini once lived on, into the air, creating a large mountain. The other land however remained. It floated, a small island. Dratini coughed on the beach and soon realized he created a new land. Kyogre came to visit Dratini that day and noticed the huge island. Dratini remains on the island, and soon a few people populated it, after Kyogre spread the word, and it was translated to English.

Nobody knows where this legendary Dratini is, but many long to find it.

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The Beginning of Reione
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