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 Blackwood City

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PostSubject: Blackwood City   Blackwood City EmptySat May 15, 2010 3:47 pm

Blackwood City is a... dark city, you could say. It is always shrouded by clouds, which is what makes it dark. Many Gatito roam the ground and Crozul fill the sky. The city is not surrounded by a forest, it is IN the forest. The city has been built inside the Blackwood Forest, which means the buildings are low, not skyscrapers. there is an old antique store and this city has an underground tunnel that leads to the Zurana region, just nearby. The Zurana has no gyms, only Elites and it is hidden deep under the ground. Many of the Pokemon in the Reione are Pokemon that migrated from there. The eight gym is located here.

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Blackwood City
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