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 Orchard City Gym #2 [Wing Gym]

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Orchard City Gym  #2 [Wing Gym] Empty
PostSubject: Orchard City Gym #2 [Wing Gym]   Orchard City Gym  #2 [Wing Gym] EmptySun May 02, 2010 6:39 pm

Hello! I'm Zane. I am the Orchard City gym leader.

My Pokemon:

Pidgeotto Orchard City Gym  #2 [Wing Gym] 1710
Noctowl Orchard City Gym  #2 [Wing Gym] 16410
Swellow Orchard City Gym  #2 [Wing Gym] 27711
Staravia Orchard City Gym  #2 [Wing Gym] 39710
Vultaria Orchard City Gym  #2 [Wing Gym] Vultur13

Pidgeotto Level/Health Lv.15 HP 49 Pidgeotto's Moves: Aerial Ace 25d, Fly 30d, Peck 35d, Air Cutter 20d
Noctowl Level/Health Lv. 16 HP 55 Noctowl's Moves: Aerial Ace 27d, Fly 32d, Peck 37d, Air Cutter 22d
Swellow Level/Health Lv. 17 HP 60 Swellow's Moves: Aerial Ace 29d, Fly 34d, Peck 39d, Air Cutter 24d
Staravia Level/Health Lv.18 HP 65 Staravia's Moves: Aerial Ace 31d, Fly 36d, Peck 41d, Air Cutter 26d
Vultaria Level/Health Lv. 20 HP 70 Vultaria's Moves: Aerial Ace 35d, Fly 40d, Peck 45d, Air Cutter 30d

Badge: [coming soon]

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Orchard City Gym #2 [Wing Gym]
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